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All what you need to know to start a strong steroid course with the best results  with no damage and all the rules and arrangements that should be followed at the PCT stage to maintain gains from course in one book !

Firstly, this brochure was originally created to provide adequate information about common hormones, steroids, its use and associated medicines,

 and to educate young people, users and professionals on everything they need to know and not be a field of experience or victim of substance exploitation.

 And it is based on a large number of specialized international books and several sites scientifically proven and practical in the field of steroids and its use. Moreover, the use of the experiences of trainers with a high level of scientific knowledge and experience in addition to the presentation to several doctors specialized in seeking to be a good scientific reference to anyone who needs any information concerning steroids, its use, methods of protection and avoid its damage

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View and explain information in an easy and simple way to understand and apply

The topics mentioned in the book are topics that players should know, such as esters, their types, reasons of use And the differences between them, half-life of steroid, and many of the terms used, which should be un

derstood in a simple and scientific way, in addition to the most important tips before entering any hormone course, the most important tests that must be done before and during the course of the course, injection methods and protection from gynecomastia And all related to the protection drugs and PCT and many courses ready for all levels of start-up and medium
An explanation of each hormone and its functions and important i

nformation about it
Answer many questions that come to you in a scientific, simple and easy to understand way


All you need to know before taking steroids